4 Important Terms You Should Know When Buying a Mattress

You are thinking about buying a new mattress. You head to the store, thinking that it will be an easy purchase. However, when picking a mattress for your bedroom it can get confusing because of the variety of available options.

If the above situation applies to you, then you are not alone in facing the difficulty. Latex foams, memory foams, coils, box spring…a lot of people get confused when confronted with so many types and parts of mattresses.

Whether you are searching for a new mattress for the bedroom or guest room, this post will help you better understand the mattress lingo and make an informed decision.

1. Memory Foam

A misunderstood term that is confusing at times when buying a new mattress is memory foam technology. Does the mattress have a mind of its own? Will thememory foam mattress say hello to you when you jump into the bed? It is nothing of the sort. The memory foam mattress is named so because it can automatically contour to the shape of your body and remember where it’s best for you.

Memory foam mattress can absorb and cradle your body’s movement. This makes the mattresses more supportive than traditional spring mattresses. They mould to the body’s weight preventing pressure points and sores. An example of an amazing mattress that uses memory foam technology are the Beautyrest Black mattress in Las Vegas.These amazing mattresses have a higher quality foam with diamond infused into it for a better cooling effect. These and other similar mattresses that have a higher density and better compression rating.

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2. Latex Foam

Latex foam is yet another term that confuses most people when buying a mattress online. Latex is a material that has special properties. Latex foam mattresses have durable and a different spring compared tomemory foam mattresses.

Most people will find them to be comfortable for their needs. There are many different brands on the market and it is best to visit your local mattress store to see which brands they have available for you to try for yourself.

3. Pocketed Coil Foam

Mattresses with pocketed coil foam technology can contour to your body when you sleep similar to a memory foam mattress. They go a step further by adjusting to the weight as well as theshape of your body. Wrapped coils of the pocketed coil foam work independently to mould to the body weight and shape. Like the iComfort mattress available from Sealy.

The pocketed coils and foam combine to provide optimum support needs of even the most discerning sleepers. This type of mattresscombines the supple cushioning feature of memory foam mattress with an innerspring support system. Pocketed coil foam with different fabric technologiesgoes even further regulating the surface temperature according to the needs of the sleeper.

4. Box Spring Foam

Box spring mattressesis an older technology that does not offer comfort similar to the above three mattresses. Mattresses made of springs have coils or other types of springs mounted on a metal or wood frame. These coils are secured with a welded-wire grid and covered on sides with ticking and on the bottom with dust cover.

Knowing more about thesetypes of mattresses will help you in making the right choice. Make sure that you do your own research when buying a new mattress instead of falling only for a marketing hype.


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