How Do You Set Up a Projector for Convenient Watch?

Projectors are not television, so you can’t just plug them in,and they will play. But it is true that with a cheaper screen, you will be able to see through the big screen. All you need to do is set them up right.

The first thing first, is that when you buy a projector, you need to find the right space to set it up. Get the image in focus and then adjust with other settings. The main thing is that you need to use a screen and a few more connection to extra cables from your gear up to your projector.

If you are thinking projector installation a complex process, relax. You will never want to watch a TV anymore when you have completed setting up your projector.

For the bigger picture, you have to slide your projector backwards, if you are considering mounting the projector on the ceiling, you have to leave a clear path from your projector to your screen, so it’s always better that you make sure you have right seating arrangements.

  • Location: The place where you are going to set it up is the first thing you should do. You will need the space for projection and a blank wall or something similar and which is as close as the white color for projection.
  • Screen: It is recommended that you get a screen because it is uniform, and screens amplify the light of the projector better than walls.
  • Height: The height should be adjusted with the projector. Most of the projects up from the center of the lens.
  • Turn it on: Plug everything that needs to be plugged with the projector, such as cable box, game console, streamer, video player, etc. and then run the HDMI cable between the projector and the screen.

Now, mostly the projector comes with test screen patterns, adjust it, won’t be very hard to do. If you don’t have one, you better use a set up disc. Now, align your projectors center of the lens with the center of the screen and select the right mode of the picture. You should consider the external source of the sound system as the ones which come with projector are terrible. Now, sit down and enjoy.

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